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Founded in 2004, MACHKA holds the title of being Türkiye’s first and only pret-a-couture fashion brand, offering a feminine and post-romantic style. Designs bearing the signature of Creative Director Ece Ege, renowned for her roots extending to France with the Dice Kayek brand, reinterpret the perception of luxury clothing with a visionary perspective. Pieces that spotlight meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and a timeless design ethos accompany the style of the urban woman on various occasions, from office elegance to formal events. The brand's core values of quality and refined style, forming the DNA of MACHKA, appeal to urban, self-confident, and elegant women who center their lives around these values. As a global fashion player, MACHKA continues to be a pioneer in the women's clothing industry with its sculptural silhouettes and couture design details.

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Arzum Onan, the winner of the 1993 Miss Turkey and Miss Europe titles, represented MACHKA as the Brand Ambassador for the 2018-19 Fall-Winter Collection, which embodied intricate design and rich craftsmanship inspired by art movements. MACHKA continued its journey into the 2022-23 Fall-Winter season by collaborating with Melisa Tapan, reflecting her elegant style. Curated by MACHKA Creative Director Ece Ege, this collaboration references art movements and features a sculptural Couture collection with five designs. Specifically crafted for Melisa Tapan, founder of the International Guest Artist Program Gate 27, the Couture collection serves as a timeless reference, blending two distinct disciplines - art and fashion - in an exclusive manner.