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Ipekyol recognized by ELLE Style Awards
EBurcu Esmersoy was deemed worthy of the “Fashion Collaboration of the Year” award at ELLE Style Awards 2023 with her IPEKYOL Spring/Summer 2023 Beachwear Collection. Burcu Esmersoy dazzled everyone at the award ceremony with her special 70s-inspired, gold-crochet, hand-knitted IPEKYOL dress.
We prioritize efficient and secure order delivery, maintaining the same careful approach from production through to sales. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to carefully assess and integrate feedback within our customer-centric framework.
Drawing from our expertise in the ready-to-wear industry, our collaboration with Arvato fortifies our operational capabilities, combining technological infrastructure and global experience for ongoing excellence. Technology is seamlessly embedded at every operational juncture, ensuring optimal process management. Additionally, we are aware of our environmental impact, with a specific focus on minimizing our carbon footprint, particularly in the selection of packaging materials.
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Investing in Solar Panels at our Edirne Factory
We are committed to contributing to future generations by adopting a more sustainable approach, producing more with fewer resources. At our Edirne factory, previously honored with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, we are actively enhancing energy and water efficiency. Our industry leadership in these endeavors is a result of strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies such as solar panels and innovative rainwater harvesting systems. This proactive stance aligns with our dedication to fostering a sustainable world.