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Inspired by the vibrant spirit of the streets, TWIST stands just beyond the freedom line for young women and women who feel young at heart. Adapting to the dynamism of the city, TWIST traces the path of a style that is limitless, innovative, and free from clichés, expressing itself boldly. Blending inspiration from Asian culture with its unique design approach, TWIST creates a cool world that reflects the spirit of the time. Offering clothing items that can be effortlessly combined anytime, anywhere, along with shoes, bags, and accessory collections catering to diverse tastes, TWIST invites all Twisters aiming to capture the rhythm of the street to a colorful, dynamic, and fun style journey.

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the meeting point of the free-spirited street fashion...

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Every season, TWIST creates distinctiveness with its unique designs and forms, hosting an extraordinary street fashion with its impactful combinations reflecting #freespiritofthestreet. The use of different materials and eye-catching pieces that are formal yet outside the ordinary, along with the variety in printing techniques, continues to capture the attention of Twisters.